Cheer on the Tour of Britain cycle race near Congleton


The Tour of Britain cycle race passes close to Congleton, not once but twice, soon.

Mon Sep 10th: from the Cat and Fiddle, cyclists turn right at Bosley crossroads, left at Fool’s Nook and then via Gawsworth to Siddington crossroads (feed station) to a sprint at Chelford before heading for Knutsford and then Warrington.

Thurs Sep 13th: returning from Scotland, the cyclists have a circular stage at Stoke on Trent.  The route will include Meerbrook via Rushton Spencer to the Cloud, and them along the ridge to Biddulph Moor before returning to Stoke.

Thurs Sep 13th: some members of the campaign are planning to ride up to the Biddulph Moor area to support the event, with our new Congleton Cycling Campaign banner for some publicity for ourselves.  Please come along with us if you want some company – contact us for more details.