New signs and number for Congleton cycle route 73


After many years of waiting (since the days of Cheshire County Council) plus a lot of pressure, meetings and input from members of the campaign (in particular Peter Hall) , we have at last got informative pedestrian and cycling signs in place to link the two secondary schools in Congleton.   The signs (see below) have destinations, which is a great improvement on those they replace, and there are additional signs at junctions where there were none before.  For the route info, see Congleton Cycle Network map.

This cross-town route is quiet and relatively traffic free, and also links the National Cycle Network route 55 (Newport to Preston) to the Cheshire Cycleway (Regional route 70) at Box Lane.  Also the new signage indicates the direction of Congleton town centre for cyclists on route 55 or 70.

Many thanks to Congleton Town Partnership and the Inclosure Trust for funding this.

Note also that Sustrans has prefixed route 73 with a 5, to include it in the national route system. So if you want route 73, look for 573!