Seeking Funding


The campaign is busy working with town councillor Suzie Ackers-Smith, who was instrumental in bringing the Tour of Britain to Congleton.

The result is the Tour of Britain Legacy Committee who are working on ideas to ensure this event has a lasting effect on the area by improving its health and wealth.  Improving health by encouraging the uptake of walking/cycling for shorter journeys and for exercise/leisure in order to reduce air pollution and stress; improving wealth by improving the local economy.  The cost to benefit ration of investment in cycling is 13:1.  For every £1 spent on cycling infrastructure, the return is £13.

Our priority is to improve the town’s cycling network, as there are some major gaps, and we are currently working on feasibility studies (by Sustrans) and grant applications to implement this.  One priority is to sort out the Park Lane/Lawton St/Bromley Rd crossroads so it’s possible to legally cycle on a widened pavement between the shared route emerging from Back Park St car park and Townsend Rd (giving access to the quiet road route to the station).   Another priority is to improve the canal towpath and access points to create an off-road route between Tall Ash Farm and Lambert’s Lane.

Meanwhile, the committee is talking to headteachers of local schools to see how more children can be encouraged to walk/cycle to school – again for their own health and to reduce air pollution/congestion from being taken to school by car.