Macclesfield development meeting


Three of us attended the public meeting in Macclesfield on 19th Feb about traffic issues arising from a proposed development of 950 homes, supermarket and primary school south of the town. Of course this traffic is likely to affect Congleton too so we went to the meeting to find out what’s happening, and if walking/cycling/public transport will be given priority to alleviate potential traffic. Also how any existing/proposed cycle routes will connect with Congleton, since cycling between the two towns using a direct route is not attractive.

This development is a project of Engine of the North – one of Cheshire East’s arms-length companies. Councillor Laura Jeuda, member for Macclesfield South organised the meeting, on a date of Engine of the North’s choosing. Beforehand, she said: “Engine of the North has agreed to speak to some of the residents…It is going to bring a lot of traffic and we don’t know a lot about it, it is all quite vague. That’s why we have organised a meeting, Engine of the North can explain and people can ask questions, hopefully any concerns can be allayed.”

What answers did we get? None, because on Friday, Engine of the North pulled out of this Tues evening meeting, stating that they weren’t prepared to speak to more than six people!

All of us in Cheshire East pay for this company – so is it acceptable that they are not prepared to face the public?