Cycle helmets


Some of us in the campaign wear a helmet; some don’t.

So, to wear one or not?   It’s your choice – there are no laws on the subject.   However,  with so much data bandied around, it’s difficult to make an informed decision.  Sometimes it’s easier if you narrow down  the question – for example into age groups or riding style.

To look at the research and statistics, and decide for yourself, take a look at the information from the Cyclists Touring Club (CTC), who say that ‘we are not ‘anti-helmet’ and we do not take sides on whether or not it is a good idea for individual cyclists to wear them.‘.

CTC Campaigns Briefing: Cycle helmets

CTC Cycle helmets: An overview of the evidence

Also, view the information provided by the Bicycle Helmet Research Foundation (BHRF) who set out ‘…to undertake, encourage, and spread the scientific study of the use of bicycle helmets.‘.

And for fun, you may also like to test your safety perceptions with this quiz.  Although it’s on an American website, it does include UK and other countries’ data.

Some UK research on drivers overtaking cyclists showed that drivers gave a wide berth to riders with long blonde hair and skirt.  So perhaps we should all work on this idea?

(If you want to read the whole research paper, it is published here: Walker, I. (2007). Drivers overtaking bicyclists: Objective data on the effects of riding position, helmet use, vehicle type and apparent gender. Accident Analysis and Prevention, 39, 417-425).