Maintenance and buying guides


Guide to cycle maintenance
How to mend a puncture, look after the chain, set up the brakes, and generally keep your bike in good, safe running order to prolong its life, and yours.

Buyers’ guide to cycle types, sizes and accessories
How to choose which type of bicycle to buy, get the right size for a good fit, and choose cycle accessories.

Buyers’ guide to insurance for bicycles and cycling
Comparison tables for 14+ specialist cycle/cyclist insurance policies for UK residents, plus tips on how to choose suitable cycle cover. Points to look for when choosing bike insurance for theft, damage, accident and third party cover (leisure, commuting, racing, triathlon, bicycle, tricycle, tandem, recumbent, trailer bike, push scooter, electric (battery-assisted) cycle) plus information on insuring yourself on a short or long-term cycling holiday abroad.

Buyer’s guide to cyclewear – cycle clothing, shoes, helmets…
A guide to buying clothes for outdoor activities, including cycling clothes, shoes and helmets.

Buyer’s guide to camping equipment
What equipment you need for cycle camping.

Buyer’s guide to folding and electric bikes, trikes, scooters and more
Reviews and thorough testing/comparison of folding and electric bikes, plus other modes of sustainable transport in the UK and abroad.